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EYENVY – Our #1 Selling Lash & Brow Growth Serum EyEnvy is a highly concentrated growth serum that is full of nourishing vitamins and peptides that target the follicles to make your lashes longer and fuller. As a professional-only product EyEnvy can only be purchased in clinic.

For more information please visit us in clinic.

JS Health Vitamins

The JSHealth Team embarked on a journey to create a unique formula to support energy, metabolism and hair growth.

The JSHealth Hair & Energy Formula is founded by Jessica Sepel. It is formulated with two carefully sourced essential minerals - iodine and zinc - that may assist with energy production and hair strength. These two minerals may be hard to obtain from diet alone.

The formula is designed to be a very convenient part of your everyday health routine. One daily dose is all you need. 
The JSHealth Formula is Australian owned.

As a health supplement this product is only available in clinic, For more information please visit us.