‘Tattoo regret’ is common, and although tattoos were once considered permanent, this is not now the case. Laser treatment is generally considered the safest and most effective treatment for removal of tattoos.

When it comes to Laser Tattoo Removal individual results will vary. As no 2 individuals have the same internal systems, these results were achieved after 2 treatments. Please remember Laser Tattoo Removal is a process. The Medlite C6 Laser is able to penetrate and break up even the darkest of ink particles. Treatments are fast, efficient and safe. laser tattoo removal is a process and does take time.

In general, we are able to completely remove or nearly completely remove most tattoos, leaving the skin perfectly clear. The results before and after tattoo removal are incredibly different. In some circumstances the laser tattoo removal process may leave a slight amount of ink that cannot be removed, but usually this ink is not easily visible unless the skin is very closely examined. Something that is important to note: sometimes a client will have a tattoo that is covering scar tissue – the laser tattoo removal process will not remove pre-existing scars. So, if the tattoo artist had a heavy hand and scarred your skin when putting on the tattoo, we may be able to remove all the ink, but our lasers are not designed to remove the scar underneath.



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Frequently Asked

The number of treatments needed depends on the size of the tattoo, the colors used, and your skin type. Large tattoos can take 10 sessions or more.

In order for the skin to heal, sessions are spaced 6-8 weeks apart.